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Kobelt Tennis Academy 
Adults, Juniors, Seniors (Free Memberships for Ages 55+);
Serious & Recreational Players, One-handed or Two-handed Backhands:
Great Tennis Fundamentals Start Here! Check out our recent results:

Established in 1992, we are proud to be the industry leaders in Central Ohio.
Our team of coaches has developed over 500 juniors all the way from their very first clinic to becoming successful
middle school, high school and lifetime tennis players. Over 50 have been high school State Qualifiers,
7 have won State Championships, 23 have become collegiate players (three at OSU). 
NATC is the only club in history to have two players from their junior program
go on to become #1 in the USA in Singles in D-1 College Tennis, (Peter Kobelt, OSU & Francesca DiLornezo, OSU).

Four players who learned how to play tennis at NATC currently have world rankings on the ATP / WTA Pro Tours.
And we are just as serious with our adults and seniors, having developed many adult beginners from 2.5 to 4.0 level players in only 2-3 years.
It always goes back to the fundamentals!
Whether You Just Want to Play for Fun or Get Serious,
Just imagine what we can do for YOUR game!

ATGBusiness Travel Management

Welcome to our Corporate Partner, Allstars Travel Group!

 "Business Travel Management"

  Changing the Game of Business Travel.

ATG, a New Albany based company founded in 1995, has been managing all of the US and international travel for numerous large and small companies, and since 2014, NATC's ATP and WTA touring professionals.

 One of the challenges of being a tennis coach is that it takes 10-15  years, working with the same group of students, to find out how good your teaching system and clinic instruction really is. 

Are the fundamentals you give your students in the 10 & Under clinics good enough for them to reach their fullest potential, even make it to the Pro Tour?

At Kobelt Tennis Academy, we know that the answer is YES! 

We are proud to be the only tennis program in Central Ohio developing players with the  advanced skill set required to compete with the top players in the world at the pro level.

We are also the only tennis program in Central Ohio teaching
one-handed backhands to some of our top juniors, with 3 becoming
Top D-1 college players.

 Adults and juniors, if you want to become the best you can be, we invite you to come train with us.

Our teaching system is truly unique and constantly evolving. Our continuing education is based on best practices and  comes from collaboration with many of the top coaches in the US and Europe.

We do not require our students to take private lessons; our clinics feature extensive technical instruction.

We specialize in working with players of all ages and levels, the younger the better, starting at age 4, with our top goal being to share our passion for the game with them.

We also offer the only year-round public tennis program in Columbus! You don't have to get an expensive membership to an indoor club.

Kobelt Tennis Academy has been proudly developing many of Central Ohio's top players since 1992. 

 Many coaches train their players to win when they are younger, skipping over some critical skills for short term results.

  Our philosophy is to train you to be playing your best tennis in the 18's and beyond.

You only get to learn tennis once, since it is such a complex muscle memory sport.

Why take a chance? Get it right the first time at Kobelt Tennis Academy.




Indoor Schedules Begin October 1!
Join us for our 15th Indoor Tennis Season!

Public Welcome. Details Below.

Adult & Junior Indoor Season Flyers Are Below!

Questions? Call NATC at 614 855-6230

To register for a program below, you may:
1). Call NATC at 614 855-6230 and register by phone, or
2). Send in the registration form to NATC, PO Box 712, New Albany, OH 43054, or
3). Drop it off at our office in Thompson Park. 
Please call first to make sure there is room in your desired class.
We do not have on-line registration available at this time.  

* * * Start at Any Time During the Session: Fees will be Pro-Rated * * *


Start at Any Time - New Players Always Welcome - Your First Clinic is FREE.

Help Us Grow The Game: Treat a Friend to a Free Trial Clinic, Beginners Welcome!


Click Here for our 2019 FALL INDOOR Session 2 (Nov. 19 - Jan. 7, 2020) Pre - k thru 4th Grade Registration Form

Click Here for our 2019 FALL INDOOR Session 2 (Nov. 19 - Jan. 7, 2020) 4th - 12 th Grade Entry Level Registration Form

Click Here for our 2019 FALL INDOOR Session 1 (Oct. 1 - Dec. 2) High Performance Registration Form

* * * Start at Any Time During the Session: Fees will be Pro-Rated * * *


Start at Any Time - New Players Always Welcome - Your First Clinic is FREE.

Help Us Grow The Game: Treat a Friend to a Free Trial Clinic. 

Get 10 % Off Your Next Session For You & Your Friend!

Click Here for our FALL INDOOR Session 2 Adult Instruction Flyer (Nov. 19 - Jan. 7,2020)


We have over 150 Enthusiastic Pickleball Players and we are growing fast!

Call Laura Ellis at 614 855-6230 to join in the fun!!!


NATC / KTA is a family owned and operated club and is the only indoor tennis club in Central Ohio open to the public!
We don't REQUIRE a Club Membership or Monthly Dues, and have NO Initiation Fees.
Players ages 55+ receive a FREE Membership!

* We Do Offer Make-Up Days for Missed Clinics. Most of the other clubs in town don't.

** We do not require our juniors to take private lessons - we constantly teach "best practices" in technique
in all of our clinics. In fact, many of our most successful players have rarely taken private lessons.

*** We do offer a Club Membership which provides many discounts for those who play frequently.

**** We offer 50% OFF Group  /  School  /  Organizational Memberships, Call for Details.

***** And we are proud to be the only indoor club in Columbus to offer Seniors (age 55 & Older) a FREE NATC Club Membership. 

Our Programs and Activities Include: USTA/GCTA Adult Leagues, Adult Intraclub Leagues. 

Adult and Junior Clinics for: Beginners, Recreational Players, High Performance for Juniors, Adults & Seniors,

Junior Match-Play, Junior USTA Sanctioned Tournaments, Corporate Tennis and Pickleball Outings, Birthday Parties,

Court Rentals (perfect for Indoor Soccer), Pickleball Leagues and Instruction! 

We also have a full-service Tennis Shop featuring the lastest in Head and Wilson Racquets

and provide excellent racquet stringing.


NATC Offers Some of the Lowest Indoor Court Rental Rates in Columbus:

$26 / hour for Members; $34 / hour for Non-Members, every day.
$20 / hr for Members; $24 / hr for Non-Members, 11 am - 3 pm, M-F.

Players ages 55+ Receive a FREE NATC Membership!

Call 614 855-6230 to Reserve Your Court Now

NATC / KTA features the only coaches in Central Ohio currently teaching

one-handed backhands to high level players: even two OSU Buckeyes. 

Over 20% of the top ATP players use "one handers; 10 % of WTA players." 

It's the most elegant and explosive shot in tennis, and the hardest to teach.

If you're considering a "oney, " call us at 614 855-6230 to get yours off to a great start.

Updated Billing Policy / "Club Automation":
All players are required to pay for each activity in advance or on the day of the activity.  
NATC will keep your credit card on file and charge any unpaid activities to your credit card.
You will be e-mailed a receipt following all charges.
You will receive a club statement by e-mail on the 2nd of the month which will summarize all of the charges
from the previous month and also inform you of any balances due. 
Any unpaid balances will be charged on the 5th of the month.


 Let the Kobelt Tennis Academy Coaches Create a Developmental Plan for You!